Olin – The 1st MVP AI Business Insights

About ESB

Esensi Solusi Buana (ESB) is a technology company that focuses on integrating software FnB industry which supports enterprise restaurants and even MSMEs. ESB provides solutions for ordering systems, reporting, inventory, loyalty systems, forecasting sales, etc.


The F&B industry company faced stagnancy sales performance, even their losses. They have limited resources to analyze the performance data of their outlets so they can’t take effective action.

Because of those problems, a business owner or the higher level management at FnB industry company needs a business insight to increase its performance.


Assists a business owner in supervising and forecasting business performance so that a business owner can take action easily to minimize the loss and increase their sales.

Our Target

Assists a business owner in supervising and forecasting business performance so that a business owner can take action easily to minimize the loss and increase their sales.

Site Flow

Here is a holistic flow combined with the sitemap I designed for the first MVP phase launched on version 1.14.
We have a short timeline to develop this project within 3 months especially since the designer only has 2 weeks for designing, starting from Dec till Feb was launched on the Appstore/Play Store.

Design Results

Splash Screen

While opening the apps, you will be greeted by Olin’s AI character.

She says ‘Hi..’

You can answer ‘Hello, Olin’ 😀


We have 3 unique selling point features, on these screens, Olin explained with a sound.


For both new users and an existing user just input a phone number.

For this phase only for country code (+62) Indonesia 🙂

OTP Verification

We have a concept secured OTP cause we want to reduce abuse things.

It will be banned if the user inputs the wrong OTP 3 times. But, don’t worry you can react by calling our customer service.


We have 3 core features that important for supervising a business in the FnB industry

Sales forecasting

You will see performance sales and a forecasting forecasting target on the top page

AI Business Insight

In the second order, we have recommendations features as insights for helping a business owner achieve the target

Profit & Los

The bottom section shows the calculation of cost at the restaurant, it helps a business owner supervise especially for the net income and expenses cost

Pairing Menu

Suggest an outlet to combine a menu, this has a chance for increase order


Suggest an outlet to conduct a promotion to encourage customers to order

Fraud Check

An insight into potential fraud at the outlet, so you can prevent its happen and solve it before facing a bigger problem

Switch Company

In our ecosystem, you can set up a multi-company with Olin, and you will see the performance of all companies on this app.

If you have a new company, don’t worry just add it here.


This page contains your profile data, settings, and help.

Olin released on 14 February 2024 on Appstore and Play Store

Then our CEO conducted a media visit to our client to promote and demonstrate this app. Until April 2024, 20 company’s clients used this app. So far, they are satisfied.

Media visits still run through to other ESB’s clients and also we plan to enhance this app for a better experience.

CNBC media wrote about Olin, read full article here.

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