RMS (Room Management System)

Tablet, Mobile Apps
What Is RMS?

Is a platform for booking and viewing information in a meeting room, especially those in large offices with integrated platform that meet user need (for booking) to management and recap data booking effieciently.


In this project when I was with the team at unictive.com, my role as a UI/UX designer. I collaborated with:

  • Project Manager
  • Front End Developer

In the era of technology, everyone needs an instant process when carrying out activities. In an office place, there are still many conventional room booking activities by coming to the receptionist. This causes a lot of time to be wasted and is inefficient so it has an impact on the accuracy of data that is less updated regarding booking information. Therefore we need a platform that can become an ecosystem in the office to book meeting rooms, in the future, it might be used for co-working space.

User Goals

Facilitate users to book meeting rooms, view schedules, and status information in a meeting room.

Bussines Goals

Establish a platform to book and manage meeting rooms that are integrated across devices and roles, so the office can use them on an ongoing basis.

Problem Statement

Users often book meeting rooms manually at the receptionist, this is quite an effort due to factors that allow the location of the meeting room to be far from the receptionist so this process is inefficient and quite time-consuming. Inaccurate and slow updating of booking information at the receptionist, sometimes users become less aware of information on booking status in a meeting room, both ongoing and future schedule.

Competitive Analysis

To find out the features needed on this room booking platform, there are not enough to be accessible as a whole. But as optimal as possible desk research by collecting and exploring the main features that are common to the meeting room booking platform.

Competitive analysis is carried out on platforms such as zoom and everest. As for the results found there are several main features such as:

analysis main feature
User Persona

It is a fictional persona created to understand user demographics and identify potential problems that could become real user targets

User Journey Map

To comprehend user needs and their interactions with the platform, and subsequently gather opportunities for potential features

Product Integration
Site Flow

This is the main flow describing the steps to book a room, combined with the site map for designing the booking meeting room page

rms site flow
Design Solution

The product will be positioned in front of the meeting room or a public office area, accessible to users either physically or via their mobile phone apps.

Mobile Apps

RMS is expected to streamline the process of booking and managing rooms flexibly for users with integration across platforms. In the next development, RMS integration will be present as an application.

This case study does not cover the whole, if you want details please contact me for further discussion or if you want to try this product, you can check and contact unictive.com.

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