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About Stylease

Stylease is committed to pioneering innovation technology in the fashion industry in Indonesia and has a mission to empower women across Indonesia by offering limitless access to style (including budget-friendly options, reducing wardrobe clutter, and staying fashion-forward) to maintain their style without the constant need to buy new clothing. We provide a range of rental services and products to cater to your fashion desires.


Providing a clothes renting platform with a subscription plan as well as various other supporting features that can be a more experience for users and create a comfortable partnership system for users to transact using a profit sharing system.


Create a user-friendly platform that simplifies the clothing rental process, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for customers while promoting sustainable fashion consumption.


Client Interview

Conduct interviews with the client to gather information about user preferences, browsing habits, and expectations from a clothing rental platform. Also to ensure the extent of the product needed, i tried to map it into the Hook Model to understand user behavior.

Competitive Analysis

Tried a platform to analyze and compare the feature. Below is a competitive analysis of Style Theory and Rent The Runway, a clothing rental platform.



  • Does not support the website environment.
  • Currently in Indonesia, it is available in certain regions.
  • The visual elements look small to access.
  • Don’t have a partnership


  • Leading Indonesia’s market
  • Extensive catalog
  • Offering a diverse range of clothing options


  • Is not available in Indonesia.
  • Can’t buy preloved
  • Don’t have a partnership system


  • Various occasions
  • Good usability
  • Visual clearly understand


User Persona

To understand the needs and goals of potential users within the app.

User Journey Map

Creating a user journey map for a rental clothes app helps visualize the customer’s experience from their initial interaction with the app to their ongoing engagement.

User Flow

This is the main flow that user go through on the apps to achieve their goals.


Focus on organizing the structure and hierarchy of the site’s pages and indicate how the page is interconnected.


Style Guide

Focus on organizing the structure and hierarchy of the site’s pages and indicate how the page is interconnected.

Mobile Apps Interface

Website Interface

The design is delivered to the client, and so far they are happy with what I’ve created.


Sorry, I can’t share all of the designs. But if want to know about the project, please feel free to contact me.

Lets talk and work together.​